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The Columban Missionary Society will be celebrating 80 years of involvement in Korea with a mass in Myeong-dong Cathedral this Tuesday, October 29, at 2pm. All our welcome to attend.

The service will be followed by a photo exhibit of some of their work in Korea in Saint Mary’s Cafe across from the Cathedral, and will be on display until the Thursday after.

The Columbans have had an impressive impact on Korea, and many today still work long hours as part of various charities around the country, and not without their own sacrifices. During the Korean War seven Irish Columban priests were killed when they refused to leave the people and parishes which they had made their homes. There is a small memorial in the Columban house in Seongbuk-dong, as well as the Memorial to the Irish who Fell in the Korean War, erected in the Korean War Memorial, Seoul.

For more information about the Columban Missionary Society please

Information on Myeong-dong Cathedral available here

*Our apologies that his information is reaching you so late, we only got notice the other day

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