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Will Berger Memorial Cup

Irish expat clubs, Seoul Gaels and Seoul St.Pats will be putting friendships aside as they compete in the first Will Berger Memorial Cup, in Seoul, this Saturday. The game, which,will feature one half of Gaelic football and one half of soccer comes as both teams are preparing to begin their respective seasons. Seoul Gaels and Seoul St.Pats have had close ties ever since they were founded in 2002. Traditionally, they have both played a prominent role in the Irish community, in Korea,and a large number of players have played for both clubs. The game will give both clubs a chance to enjoy healthy competition on the field and build friendships off the field ahead of a busy year. It will also gi

10 Things You Didn't Know About Ireland

10. Saint Patrick was neither a Saint nor Irish! Many people are completely oblivious to why Irish people all over the world celebrate St. Patricks Day. Why do over 2 million people show up to watch the parade in New york City, why do they go as far as dying the river green in Chicago and why do 100,000′s of people in Ireland hold a week long festival around this time every year. Well it is all in the name of Saint Patrick…despite that NOT being his real name and him not been born in Ireland. St. Patrick was actually born in Britain and was named Maewyn. Irish raiders captured him during an attack and took him to Ireland, heolding him captive for over six years. He later changed his name


Here are Top 10 reasons to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Seoul this year at the 14th annual St Patrick’s Irish Festival. 10. Practice makes perfect Did you know that the Irish Association of Korea has organized the annual St Patrick’s Day Festival in Seoul for over a decade? In fact, this year will be its 14th consecutive event. As the saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect”, and this year’s festival is sure to be bigger and better than before. 한국 아일랜드 협회가 10년이 넘게 세인트 패트릭의 날 축제를 매년 정기적으로 진행해 온 것을 알고 계셨나요? 사실,올해가 바로 14회째 되는 행사입니다.우리가 말하듯이 “실습이 모든 것을 완벽히 만든다“라고 하는데 올해의 행사가 확실히 이전보다 다 크고 더 나을 것입니다. 9. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day With over 1,000 Irish expats now living in South Korea, a


Thanks to Conor (our former Chairman) for writing a review of the festival on Saturday. SAINT PATRICK’S DAY IN SEOUL, 2014 Posted on March 16, 2014 by Conor under 2014, Irish Association of Korea, Korea When you live in Korea long enough expecting public holidays from home to fall on their usual day or date becomes a waste of time. Really. Anyone American will be familiar with Thanksgiving falling on a Saturday, and even the Superbowl the night after. Irish, like myself, are now most familiar with a Saturday Saint Patrick’s Day, and yesterday was no different from other years (except for last year and the year before when Paddy’s Day actually fell on the weekend…which kind of ruins my point)

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