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Bringing an Ancient Irish Tradition to South Korea

‘Did you hear the one about…?’ That’s all you need to gather listeners in Ireland. Storytelling has always been a big part of life in pubs, kitchens, and playgrounds round Ireland. Storytelling is the flagship of Irish folklore and our famous oral tradition is exemplified in famous storytellers and ancient mythical tales of bravery, discovery and knowledge. Legends tended, and still tend, to be told on a more informal basis – in the fields, over the kitchen table, at the pub – and do not need any specialised skill or knowledge in their telling. Today the art of seancaithe (tradition bearers) and scéalaí (storytellers) is being revived in festivals and events all over Ireland and we are excit

St. Patrick's Day Festival 2015

Sounds of Ireland! A day of traditional Irish music, dancing, and face painting. The Irish Association of Korea is proud to announce the 2015 St. Patrick's Day festival. The family fun day is happening on March 14th in D-Cube City, Sindorim Stn. The festivities will begin at 1pm and run until 6pm. Come out and enjoy a day of Irish culture through songs, music and dance. We will have a mix of traditional and modern music for all to enjoy. Our main acts on the day are ~Clif The Piper, Bold Coast, Sweet Murphys Fancy, The U.S Army Band, Trad Music and Dara Sheehan with an Irish dancing performance from Tap Pung. See you all there at 1pm. Directions: Sindorim Station- Lines 1 & 2- Exit 1.

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