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The Irish Association of Korea (IAK) is a non-profit voluntary organisation that promotes Irish culture in Korea by organising events that are interesting for Irish people and, at the same time, afford opportunities for Koreans and other nationalities to experience and learn more about Ireland and Irish culture. The Irish Association of Korea is made up of people from Ireland, Korea and elsewhere. There are approximately 900 to 1000 Irish citizens residing in Korea at any given time.


The IAK has been in existence since the early 1990's (formerly the Korea Irish Association) and has, over that time, hopefully raised awareness of Ireland and its culture. As outlined in this book, the IAK organises or helps fund many popular and unique cultural events, and aside from those mentioned already, there have been stand alone Rock and Contemporary Music Nights, Film Screenings, Book and Poetry Readings, Bilingual Quizzes, Fun Runs, Information Days, Competitions and general Get-Togethers. The IAK has also helped bring artists to Korea from Ireland, and welcomes and publicises events by any visiting Irish artist, as well as highlighting on its website things that may be of interest to the community.


The IAK is limited in how it can raise funds; therefore, some events also serve as fundraisers for the organisation. The biggest cost by far is the annual Saint Patrick's Day festival. The IAK is extremely grateful to all sponsors, however big or small, for any event. The IAK also acknowledges the support given by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and other public bodies.


Outside of covering the costs of events, the IAK, wherever possible, also try to raise money for charity.



The IAK would like to thank in particular, for its ongoing support, The Embassy of Ireland, and all those that have supported and attended events. 

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