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Blue Dalmatian Photo: Photo Workshops

Blue Dalmatian Photo: Photo Workshops that Cross Cultural Divides

“Blue Dalmatian Photo” founders/instructors Tom Coyner and Sang-bum (“Sang”) Lim have agreed with the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch (RAS Korea) to launch a series of 7 monthly “RAS Photo Workshops.”

The three-hour workshops are designed for English-speaking photographers of all skill levels, whether or not they are members of the RAS. The workshops are believed to be the first ever to address the cross-cultural challenges of photography in Korea.

Says Tom Coyner: “Sang and I know that the camera is the strongest potential tool to build relationships – especially when one is in a foreign country. But too many people approach photography in such a way that the camera becomes an obstacle, something that intimidates both the photographer and the subject. We recognize a genuine need to help people develop both their photographic and cultural skills.”

Lim is a professor of photography at Daegu Arts University. A graduate of Chung-Ang University with a BA in photography, Lim also studied for 6 years at The Brooks Institute, a prestigious photography school in Santa Barbara, California. Besides being a well-known fine art photographer and having worked full time as an American photo-journalist and commercial photographer, Lim has taught photography for almost 20 years. Coyner has photographed for over 40 years in the U.S., Japan and Korea. He recently conducted regular photography workshops for the RAS for almost 18 months.

Beyond imparting essential photo skills, the workshops will mainly focus on how to create wonderful images and memories when visiting or living in another, foreign culture. Naturally, Koreans are also welcome to participate in these English-language workshops. In order to cover expenses and in recognition of the workshop preparation and facilitation time by the two professional instructors, each participant will be asked to pay a tuition fee of KW 100,000 for each 3-hour workshop. Current RAS Korea members are entitled to a KW 10,000 discount.

Workshop Topics

  • May – Getting to Know Your Digital Equipment – review of proper use of the basics and intro to the rarely used functions, including those used by professionals, that make up 90% of most equipment’s features

  • June – Korean Landscapes: basics and handling unique Korean challenges

  • July – Informal Portraitures: basics and cultural nuances

  • August – Street/Decisive Moment Photography: dealing with Korean strangers

  • September – Lighting & Color: controlling and creating photo environments in Korea

  • October – On-site Application of What’ve Learned at Gyeongbug-gung

  • November – Evaluating One’s Own and Other’s Photo Portfolios

  • December – Exhibition: Seoul location to be determined

Future/Concurrent Workshops

  • Fine Art Photography (workshop series)

  • Applying Leadership Skills to Your Photography (single workshop)

  • Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. 3- and/or 5-day Photography Workshops (from 2015)

The first workshop will take place on Saturday, May 24, starting at 7:00 pm, at Spring Studio in Nonhyon-dong, Seoul. More information, please go to

To register for the workshops or for answers to your questions, please contact Tom Coyner at or at 010-9099-6195.

For Korean language inquiries, please contact Sang-bum Lee at or at 010-5159-9693.

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