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Supporter evening on 14th November

The Love North Korean Children charity is a UK registered NGO that manages 5 bakeries in North Korea that feed some 20,000 children daily. LNKC hopes to open 20 more. To help raise awareness and funds there is a supporter evening on Thurs Nov 14th. This very worthwhile event was brought to our attention by recently arrived Irish person – Catherine Lewis. Probably best if we let her explain more….

“As the international community wrestles with how to help the hungry North Korean population, the U.K. registered NGO, Love North Korean Children, has gained new levels of access in its goal to deliver bread to children suffering from malnutrition across North Korea.

George Rhee, director of LNKC, manages five bakeries in North Korea feeding some 20,000 children each day and he has the ability to monitor operations ensuring that bread gets to those targeted to receive it. LNKC’s dream is to open a bakery in each of the 26 major cities in North Korea; a vision that was borne from George’s first visit to the North in search of his father’s homeland when he witnessed the famine of the 1990s.

George visits the bakeries on a regular basis and works with the local government and schools to make sure that those requiring further nutrition receive LNKC’s bread. North Korea is in the midst of a food shortage – poor harvests, irregular government distribution and lack of resources means that a balanced variety of food is not available to children and for some, the bread they receive from LNKC is all they will eat that day.

Hair and weight loss, skin irritations that lead to infection and tooth damage are some of the symptoms from which the children ostensibly suffer. Natural growth and development is at risk and psychologically, being hungry is a situation that can prevent learning and play as the mind is permanently focussing on food.

The North Korean border is less than 50 miles away from us in Seoul but as political relations are sensitive, delivering aid from South Korea is complicated and in most cases impossible. LNKC buys flour and other ingredients in China and George travels via China so that he can maintain the bakeries.

If you would like to join us on Thursday 14th November please see the above save the date flyer for details and send your Registration Form to so we can register you and post an invite. If you would like to find out more we would be delighted to get in touch and can also direct you to our website:

If you, like us, feel that the crisis in North Korea is a cause to explore and help while living on the Korean peninsula, then by supporting our fundraising event or just by donating on line you will be making the impossible possible and changing the lives of thousands of children.

Many thanks, Mrs Catherine Lewis, Dr Jana Kovar and Mrs Sujata Hodarkar”

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