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Gyeonggi-do, Jangheung-myun, Samha-ri, San 90-35


경기 양주시 장흥면 삼하리 산 90-35





From Seoul by public transport.
Take Subway Line 3 (Daehwa direction) to Jichuk station
Exit 1, turn left out of the exit towards Anjin 1-ro. There is no other road in the vicinity of the exit.

Take bus 15-1 or 052 from the bus stop which is a few metres from the exit of the station.

Get off the bus at 'Bisuk Street' stop (7 stops - 10 minutes ) 

Walk in the direction that the bus was travelling in for about 400 metres until you get to a sharp left turn.

The information panel/ battle site marker is at this junction.





The blue line on the below map indicates the walk from Jichuk subway station to the bus stop and the green line is the direction of the bus.










The blue and grey line on the below map indicates the walk after you get off the bus.

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