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The second Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch/Blue Dalmatian photography workshop will take place on Saturday, June 21, 2:00 pm~3:00 pm, at The Alibi, near Exit 11 of Gangnam Station. This month’s workshop’s topic is “Street Photography – Gangnam Style!” It will be led by our own Tom Coyner.

The agenda is as follows: * Past Month’s Photo Challenge Constructive Critiques * Equipment, Settings, etc. for Korea Street Photography * Selecting a Street Photography Location * Jay Maisel’s 33 Considerations for Street Photography * Other Street Photography Tips * Street vs Posed, Candid vs Buy-in * Legal and Ethical Issues * Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Decisive Moment” * Street Photography Examples * The Camera is a Two-Way Lens – a perspective * Hands-on Street Practice! (roughly 2 hours) * After-practice Results Review back at The Alibi with optional refreshments Participation fee is W60,000, payable in cash at the door. All participants will get an Adobe PDF copy of the lecture presentation.

To add a bit of philosophical dimension to this particular workshop, please ponder the following: In David duChmin’s “A Beautiful Anarchy,” the famous New York street photographer Jay Maisel (whom we will be studying in the workshop) was approached by a student who asked, “How do I make more interesting photographs?” Without pausing, Jay replied, “Become a more interesting person.” That valid point not only applies to all the arts, but one may say to all aspects of life, including being an entrepreneur, corporate manager, carpenter or whatever. Whatever we do is a manisfestation of who we intrinsically are. If we are boring, over conventional, risk adverse, etc., our lives will be marked by corresponding demeanors and behaviors. Life is too short. Do what YOU have to do – including doing what you’re not supposed to do whenever there is inadequate reason for conforming to the herd. And that may well include trying one’s hand at street photography!

For more information, please contact Tom Coyner at and/or visit the Blue Dalmatian Photography Facebook page.

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