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December 8, 2012

It’s fair to say that you don’t get a chance to see much of Ireland here in Korea, but over the years we’ve seen more and more of Ireland appearing. Of course, how Ireland appears varies from a flag fluttering in the street, to a jar of Irish stew in the supermarket, to the way something just looks!

We at the IAK would like to find out how much of Ireland exists here in Korea, and we know that you, our humble and loyal followers, are snapping pics of all the Irishness you find here in the land of the morning calm. We would love to see your pics and share them here with everyone else!

Here are a few examples taken by our committee members to give you inspiration!

A mini Irish flag among many more mini flags of the w...

December 6, 2012

We’re running quite a lot of events this December and we hope that you have time to come along to one (or all of them).

First up this weekend we have the December Irish Session Jam which will be at Freeport in Hongdae, on Sat Dec 8th at 17:30. This is an informal gathering of musicians playing and celebrating their common interest in a relaxed manner with an audience who likes to listen to good music. More details here.

The following day (Sun 9th at 13:15 near Hapjeong station) there is a opportunity to learn some traditional Irish step dancing. This hour long class is designed for complete beginners. All you need is some comfortable shoes and clothes. Come along, meet new people and learn some Irish dan...

December 1, 2012

“Ambassador’s Message – 30 November 2012
Irish Korean Economic Relations

Today in Dublin, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will be hosting a Korean delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The occasion is the biennial Joint Economic Commission (JEC), a convening of trade officials to enhance bilateral economic relations. The meetings of the JEC are held alternately in Seoul and Dublin. The Irish side is led by the Director General, Trade Promotion Division, Colm Ó Floinn, assisted by our own Deputy Head of Mission, Ruth Parkin. The Korean delegation is led by
Deputy Minister for Trade, Lee Si-hyung and a team from the Ministry and the Korean Embassy in Ireland.

I am often asked about t...

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