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Half a World Away, November 12, 2016

Tour Gallery

Andrew Kilbride
Chairman of the Irish Association of Korea introducing the day's proceedings and giving an overview of the work of the association.

James Durney, Author

A section of the attendance.

Kevin O'Rourke

Lee Kyung-sik
A journalist, who during the Korean War was an interpreter for the Royal Ulster Rifles.

David Murphy
First Secretary at the Embassy of Ireland.

At the Memorial of the Irish Dead of the Korean War.

A short overview was given and a minutes silence held.

Bernard Hughes, (war memorial committee member and editor of the War Memorial part of the IAK website) giving an overview.

A wreath was laid on behalf of the Royal Irish Regiment. 
The IAK and Irish Embassy laid a wreath later in the day on one of the actual sites where Irish men fell.

Andrew Salmon guide (center)

Colonel Mike Murdoch of the Royal Irish Regiment from Donegal laid a wreath and read a lament.

Andrew Kilbride and Colonel Mike Murdoch

Left to right, James Durney, Andrew Salmon, Lee Kyung-sik, Colonel Mike Murdock at the battle field.

Some of those on the trip at the information panel.

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